Thursday, January 17, 2008

Feeling like a rock star

C and Mowgli took their second trip to an orphanage in Hue Hue Tanango, Guatemala this month. This is a photo of Mowgli just seconds after he got off the bus the first day, being mobbed by some of his "groupies" from last year. Last year, they called him the Spanish word for "Curly" but apparently they recognized him without his long hair. I love the wide-open expression on Mowgli's face--he loves this kind of thing--I remember it from when he was a little boy and I see it more and more often as he moves away from adolescence. We're definitely grateful for all the friends and relatives that made the trip possible again this year--the impact on the lives of the orphans as well as the investment into C's and Mowgli's lives is incalculable.

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Electric Monk said...

Wow - his very own groupies! What a great picture!