Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just an update

This is just to catch you up on what's going on around here.

C is now one of only two full-time staff members (pretty unheard of with a weekly attendance of over 500)--the other is our youth pastor--and one very part-time staff person. Half the staff left in Jan (no connection to C), which means he is either working or thinking about work all the time. Part of the issue is that he is still committed to the ministry he had planned before we lost the rest of the staff. The congregation, as lovely as they are, seem to have no clue--but they also make very few demands and seem very happy with everything he does.

Mowgli will finish up his senior year soon and is still looking at small liberal-arts colleges in North Carolina. He and I will take a trip in March so that he can make sure this is still what he wants to do. Guilford and Davidson are at the top of the list. He's also still working every weekend, going to concerts every chance he gets, reading voraciously, and keeping up with the political scene.

Boo got her driver's permit this week! She still, as C puts it, is scared of the accelerator but she drives to the mailbox and around the church parking lot--even cutting across to the Methodist church from time to time. She continues to enjoy dance and loves the youth group--thanks be to God and to our youth pastor!

I'm seeing 6 clients now--3 clergy couples, 1 "regular" couple, a UT student, and an elderly lady. I really thought it would have picked up by now, but I made my rent in the first week of Feb (yay!) and I do enjoy these clients very much. I have three more gigs this month--a leadership retreat for a Lutheran church (ELCA) tomorrow, the Highland Lakes women's retreat (I'm doing the workshop for minister's wives--which will be fun and, I hope, a source of referrals), and the BGCT minister's wives retreat (also, I hope, a chance to meet some women from Austin). I'm figuring out that I must be a little more lonesome than I realized because every time I've been with friends lately, I've been even more talkative than usual (I know, some of you who have known me a long time just fell off your chairs laughing . . . ). It just feels good to be with someone I'm not just getting to know. I had a wonderful time this week with a friend from high school--the only one I keep up with--she is just delightful and I'm thrilled that she called to say she was in town.

Well, that's your update for now . . . let me hear how you're doing, OK? Like I said, I'm just a little bit lonesome!

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Electric Monk said...

Boo's dancing and driving to a Methodist church?! For shame!

Glad to hear the business is going well, but I can see how that sort of job can be slow-starting. I'd think that things would pick up after the New Year, as people start to drop off on their resolutions and such...