Thursday, May 8, 2008

The past two weekends have been really terrific, in very different ways. Weekend before last, my sister and my mom and I had a "girls' weekend" in Brenham (IMHO, the prettiest part of Texas). We spent two nights at a wonderful B&B (, did a little shopping, a lot of eating (including Blue Bell, of course), a lot of talking, and some celebrating (Mom's birthday and Sister's pregnancy)--even petted some horses and were entertained by some chickens. We're pretty different from each other but enjoy each other so much.

Last weekend, I was at Live Oak Ranch near Canyon Lake ( with the women's group from our congregation. I have to say, it was the best church ladies' retreat I've ever been on--including (maybe especially including) the ones I've planned. I had a great opportunity to get to know some other women a little better in a relaxed, beautiful setting. I highly recommend this place, by the way, if you're someone who plans events for medium sized groups. I don't think there is any "best friend" potential just yet, but these are really warm, friendly women who love the Lord and love the church and I enjoy being around them.

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