Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yesterday I saw 5 clients in 6 hours, which beats the record for clients seen in one day since we moved. (The previous record, set in Houston, TX, was ten.) I have twelve clients scheduled for the week (9 down, 3 to go), which is also a record for me in Austin. This is good news because it means that things continue to move forward and may have reached a tipping point.

It took much longer for me to build this practice than I imagined it would when we moved. I've done a good job of meeting people and then meeting the people that they suggest I meet and then the people that they suggest I meet and so on but the referrals were slow coming in. I now have about 25 clients referred from more than 15 sources and my name-recognition is definitely improving. Also, I have two events coming up that should showcase my ministry and lead to more referrals. And, thankfully, I've kept all but one of the clients who have come to see me (and I really think I'll hear from the one soon.)

Yesterday, I was happy to see that my stamina was still intact since I hadn't seen clients back-to-back since moving here. I have to say, too, that having a lighter load was a blessing--I've been doing some of the best work of my career, partly because I've had the time and emotional energy for it.

Since moving here, I've often prayed, "Lord, I know there are people here in Austin who need the ministry I have to offer. But you have to help them find me!" It appears that prayer is being answered and I'm grateful.


Electric Monk said...

Congratulations! For what it's worth, I think it'd be really cool to be your client!

KC said...

Yea you!!! Thanks for the comment on my piece by the way. All is well but I miss having you around here to debrief it all. I just im'd/asked a friend of mine how she was and she gave me a work answer. In my best channeling of you, I asked again and this time noted I really wanted to hear about her. We'll see if she's post-hurricane enough to respond.