Friday, January 2, 2009

In lieu of a blogroll

There are about 8 blogs that I read on a daily-ish basis. Several of them are just keeping up with friends of mine and so I probably won't share them with you. But a couple consistently post things that make me think or laugh or enjoy my day just a little better and I want to introduce you to them this year. Consider it a new year's gift (or a curse, depending on whether you have time to "waste" on the internet.)

Today, I'm sending you to my friend Jim Herrington's blog, particularly to his most recent post, here. (If you're one of my technologically challenged readers, just move the cursor to the place where the text changes color. That's a link and when you click on it, it will take you to the other blog.)

Jim is one of those people whose life has been transformed before my very eyes and who has consistently challenged me to open myself up to transformation as well. He has invested in me, invited me, rebuked me, encouraged me and taught me. God has used him powerfully in my life (as well as in the lives of countless others.) Jim sees around corners and has an entrepreneurial faith that changes the world.

His compassion runs deep and his integrity even deeper. This post is challenging and uncomfortable. If you look back at his blog, you'll see his commitment to children in HISD public schools and to the poor and to unity in the church in Houston, TX--all things he actively works for and advocates for.


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