Monday, August 17, 2009

Anniversary musings

For our anniversary date tonight, we went to see "Julie and Julia"--and loved it. It's only partly about the cooking and the blog and Paris; it's really a movie about passion and healthy marriages.

In particular, it's about intense, passionate women who are loved well by gentle men--which, of course, is the story of my adult life. C and I have often said that a big part of the success of our marriage is that we decided a long time ago to be happy. Another important part is this: we have done our best to make it easy for the other to pursue passions and enthusiasms, whether for the noble goal of advancing the Kingdom of God or just to have fun.

The movie also stirred up some early marriage memories for me. When I went home at Christmas during my third year at Baylor and told my mom I was getting married, she "let" me make dinner every night for two weeks. I had always helped in the kitchen and knew the basics as well as a few specialities (biscuits or pizza out of a box anyone?) but this was my first experience with being in charge of a meal, day in and day out. Honestly, I liked it and it didn't dissuade me from getting married so young.

The first few months we were married, I actually took pictures of the dinners I made, almost every night. I have a whole album interspersed with photos of meatloaf and roast chicken and fried chicken and boiled chicken and sloppy joes. I'm still not sure exactly why I did that. Heaven knows we didn't have the money to waste on film and photo developing. But it's funny (and a little sweet) now.

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MJO said...

You took pictures because you were justifiably proud of what you made -- and I think that's GREAT!

Part of what I love about cooking is the art of presentation.

Loved the movie too, btw.