Friday, November 27, 2009

Back when we were young . . . and stupid--A Thanksgiving Story

It was 25 years ago this week that C took me home to Houston for Thanksgiving with his family (my family was going out to West Texas for the week and I had to be back in time to work. Or at least that was my excuse . . .) We had only been dating since the late summer and only exclusively for 3 months. Before we left for Houston, I was telling my roommate that I thought that C was getting pretty serious, that it seemed strange to be going home with him for a holiday. She told me that I was being dramatic, that three months wasn't very long, that I could always slow things down if I wanted to.

Suffice it to say that I apparently didn't want to. On Thanksgiving night, C and I stayed up late talking. He ventured the first question casually: where was I thinking about going to graduate school? Did we have any schools in common? And then, as the conversation got more serious: how soon could I graduate? Would I like to get married?

Turns out, I did. We kept talking, our plans for the future getting more and more elaborate. I went to bed eventually with my head swirling with romantic dreams. I woke up in a sheer panic. Oh, my God, what have I done?

Apparently, that night, I made the best decision of my life--without even knowing it. I was 20 years old. I had been at Baylor for less than a year and a half. If you've done the math, you've realized that I was exactly at the place in my life that Mowgli is now. I had no idea. We say all the time: we were young and stupid but God was good. So so so very good.


pmcd said...

I LOVE this picture!!!!! Young sweet. I wouldn't go back though.

Jim said...

Yea, Betty and I often say we were young and stupid but sooo much more mature than our children were when when they turned 20 (the age we were when we got married). Thanks for sharing the picture and the story. Glad you guys made the decision that you did. It turned out to be a blessing in our life many years later.

Janet said...

I also love the picture! What fun to remember... faith building... I think! We married at 21/22... and in some ways were more mature than our kids at that age and in some ways less... and, as I watch 2/3 of my kids doing it alone, I am actually beginning to wonder if growing up together was maybe a better thing than I once imagined it to be.