Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

21 years ago, we cancelled Valentine's Day. We were young and newly married and had what we could euphemistically call "differences" about what Valentine's Day was supposed to be about, culminating in the year I asked for a teddy bear and got a stuffed Tasmanian Devil instead. I decided then that instead of being pissed off every February 14th, I would acknowledge that C is pretty darn romantic most of the year and let him off the hook on Valentine's Day. It was a great decision.

This year, though, we've been missing each other a lot and C decided to reinstate Valentine's Day. Nothing fancy, but pretty perfect--lots of sweet words, an early steak dinner (to beat the crowds), a card, candy, a gift. It's been a really lovely night.

As always, though, our lives are punctuated by humor and silliness. Here's a conversation we had when I walked in from work tonight:

C: What's that? (pointing to a small bag of candy in my briefcase)
Me: A client gave me these . . . they're just like Reese's but waay better.
C: They can't be better than Reese's!
Me: Seriously, they're sooo much better. The chocolate is creamier and the peanut butter just melts in your mouth.
C: long pause But if someone got you some Reese's candy for Valentine's Day, you wouldn't think these were better, would you?

How was I supposed to know that Reese's now makes a heart-shaped box of candy? So here's my official opinion: the Reese's are better because they taste like love. (But the others are creamier . . . just sayin')


Betty said...

Anything given to you by the love of your life always tastes better, smells better, IS better!

Kathy said...

Smiled out loud when I read this. So glad you and Craig had these special moments yesterday. I actually woke up this morning thinking about the two of you and the loving way you deal with foibles and differences. Don't know what was playing through the old unconscious that y'all were in it as I awakened.....I just know that you're among a handful of couples whose marriages inspire me. Nice punctuation to read this installment this morning!