Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stay Close

My dear friend pcmfo has been introducing me to the rich blogs and books of Patti Digh. This poem is from "What I Wish For You" and really spoke to me. Some of my deepest regrets in life have come from not heeding its wisdom. Let me suggest that you read it slowly, aloud.

Stay Close

When sorrow comes
to those you love
stay close.

When sadness is
more powerful
than words
more powerful
than deeds
your warm hand
your quiet company
your self in a chair
saying nothing
will be a gift.

You may wonder
"What can I do?"
There may be
you can do.

You may wish
to run.
Do not run.

Hold hands.
Eat soup.
Trace a sunbeam
with your fingers
on the table.

Let yourself smile.
Let yourself cry.

When sorrow comes
to those you love
stay close.

When sorrow comes
to you
let others
stay close too.

---by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater


Anonymous said...

that is beautiful.. hard and beautiful.. for that is exactly what I need and want when sorrowful

Lord, let me stay close to those who come to find this same need.

Kyle Childress said...
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Jenny C said...

i have deep regret for times i have not been there for those who have sorrow. Thank you for this. (just deleted this comment because I posted first as Kyle..oops)