Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hopeless and disillusioned . . . for now

I drove home today pretty sure that people just don't change. Maybe they can't, maybe they just don't, whatever, but somewhere between my office and home, I wondered if transformation . . . or heck, even change . . . is even possible. You understand that this is like the pope deciding he doesn't believe in God or like a senator deciding she doesn't believe in government, right? I am in a serious funk.

Fortunately, tomorrow I'm going on a road trip with my super-friend drkatg. We're going to a Renovare conference entitled . . . wait for it . . . The Process of Change. So I guess that by Sunday, I'll know whether my life's work is an exercise in futility or not.

Seriously, we're driving to Wichita, KS tomorrow, attending the two-day conference and then driving home from Wichita on Sunday and then going to work Monday morning. I'm really not sure what we were thinking. At one time, this seemed like a really good idea. Right now, it sounds like a lifesaver . . . except for the driving to Wichita part. Seriously, what were we thinking?


Siahsmom said...

I can't offer much beyond a big hug, being in a similar funk myself. I don't know you near as well as I'd like, but I know that just your smile is a comfort to me.

pb said...

You have effected positive change in my life without even trying - imagine when you are intentional!