Friday, December 16, 2011

It's my blog so I can brag

Everyone is home!  Tonight, we sat down together at home for the first time since early June, including one child who is a brand-new graduate of Guilford College and the other who just finished her first semester at UMHB with flying colors.

Mowgli took a day and a half to get home from North Carolina with all his worldly goods packed in his back seat (with room to spare) and his trunk completely full of books.  Even though he and Boo had already made several trips into the house, I had to take a photo:

So what's next, you ask?  Well, Mowgli got his old job at HEB back today and will pile up money before going back to Asia this summer.  (By the way, he's open to all kinds of other kinds of work, from manual labor to babysitting to help out.)  Sometime during the spring, he'll hear back from the five graduate schools he applied to and he'll also start looking into elementary teacher certification programs.  He's very aware that he has his whole life in front of him and he's ready to start making the big decisions and supporting himself.

With her characteristic hard work and good attitude, Boo did a great job in her first semester and has decided to go back and do it again!  She did well with 15 hours of classes, joined a theater ministry, taught missions at a small church, got involved in the college ministry of a different, larger church, and made lots of friends.

The best part of having the kids back for the holidays is just realizing how much we really like both of them.  If they weren't ours, we'd still be pretty crazy about them and who they've become.  Those of you with grown children know what I'm talking about.  I loved every developmental stage when they were kids and I'm really loving getting to know them as adults.


Pam McDonald said...

CONGRATULATIONS MOWGLI AND BOO!!! I know that you are loving having everyone under one roof again. Enjoy!!! Excited to hear what the future holds for both of your wonderful children/grown ups! Much love coming at all of you!

emilysiwsiw said...

I wonder where Mowgli got the idea to collect piles of books?

Lisa writes... said...

It is most definitely your blog so brag away! :) Congratulations!