Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friends don't call friends morons

Some of you are upset because your Facebook friends have unfriended you because of your political posts during the election.  "They just can't handle the TRUTH," you sputter.   Maybe they are thin-skinned or willfully blind to the truth of your position.  May I just offer one other possibility?

Maybe when you post that people who believe *political position* are morons or idiots or brain-dead or traitors or colluding with Satan, your friend who believes *political position* realizes that you are talking about him.  Maybe he realizes that you're too nice or too clueless to call him names to his face but after a few of your posts, he sees what you really think of him.  Maybe he unfriends you because his feelings are hurt or maybe he realizes that you don't see him as a true American or as someone with the right to his opinions or someone with whom you can agree to disagree.  Maybe he realized you aren't really a friend.

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Electric Monk said...

THANK YOU. I recently unfriended a close family member. Her posts were becoming increasingly insulting to those with different viewpoints from hers. I had to draw the line when she posted a comparison between Obama and Stalin, which I considered supremely insulting to the millions of people who'd suffered under Stalin. She e-mailed me later, effectively calling me out for unfriending her. I took most of it upon myself and said maybe I'd be re-friend her after the election, although I'm re-thinking that plan now.