Friday, November 29, 2013

The blog is back . . . I think

I know I haven’t written anything in awhile . . . I was pretty busy, what with moving and opening a new practice and all.  But I think it was more about running out of things I wanted to say, which you had to know would be a temporary state, right? 

So now I have a list of things I want to write about and a tiny little bit of time to write them.  Also, someone pointed out to me that the difference between authors and writers is that writers write.  So I’m writing again.  This isn’t the only place I’m writing but it’s a place I enjoy so I guess I’m back.

Quick update to start with.  We’re living in a new city now.  Actually, we’re back living in the same city we used to live in, the one we never stopped loving, go figure.  We feel like we’re home.  After living with C's parents for a couple of months, we finally found a home that we feel at home in, which--after all the imaging and wondering--is the point after all.

C is working for a nonprofit ministry now, meaning that for the first time in 27 years, we don’t get paid to go to church.  (More about that later.)  I’m still in private practice and found that the people who referred to me before are willing to refer to me again plus a few more so the transition has been pretty easy if by “easy” you mean “working more.”  There's also lots of travel--Michigan, Wisconsin, NYC, upstate NY, Ontario, CA this year--with the Ridder Church Renewal process, which continues to be a wonderful blessing.  

Mowgli is still in grad school and seems to really love it.  He spent the summer in China and just barely made it home in time to start the new school year.  I think he always feels torn between two worlds.  He graduates in May and when I find out what he’s going to do next, I’ll let you know.  It’s always interesting with that one.

Boo is also away at school, just now finishing the first half of her junior year, if you can believe that.  She seems to be really happy there and has changed her major to history, in part because of her new hobby doing genealogy research.  She also works with the children’s ministry at her church and gets paid for loving on littles which she would do for free. 

Now that you’re all caught up with us, I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you a story—two stories actually.  It’s good to be back.

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