Sunday, December 7, 2014

In light of recent events, ladies and gentlemen, a poem

Anglo-Saxon Protestant Heterosexual Men

Come, dear brothers,
let us cheerfully acknowledge
that we are the last hope of the world,
for we have no excuses,
nobody to blame but ourselves.
Who is going to sit at our feet
and listen while we bewail
our historical sufferings?  Who
will ever believe that we also
have wept in the night
with repressed longing to become
our real selves?  Who will
stand forth and proclaim
that we have virtues and talents
peculiar to our category?  Nobody,
and that is good.  For here we are
at last with our real selves
in the real world.  Therefore,
let us quiet our hearts, my brothers,
and settle down for a change
to picking up after ourselves
and a few centuries of honest work.

This is one of my favorites from Wendell Berry.

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