Monday, May 21, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

OK, it's official . . . I've decided to blog. Some of you are saying, "Yay! It's about time!" Some of you are saying, "That's mildly interesting." Some of you are saying, "What's a blog?" Well, whatever . . . welcome to my blog.

I've resisted blogging for a long time. For one thing, it seems so narcissistic and self-indulgent, even though I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs, I wasn't sure I had that much to say that anyone else would want to hear. For another thing, it takes discipline, which is something I'm sometimes low on. And then there's the matter of transparency and honesty . . . do I really want to put it all out there for other people to read?

Turns out, I do! Mainly, though, my decision to blog isn't really about me at all--it's about you. If you're reading this, you're either a stranger who randomly found yourself here and probably won't stay long OR you're someone I really love and want to be sure I stay connected to. Between moving to another city and being so crazy-busy much of the time (as are most of you), I am terrified that we will lose the special connection that makes you one of my very special friends.

So, this blog is an experiment . . . can a blog also be a community? Or at least a community-builder? Or a way to share my life with you, trusting that when we do see each other, we will be closer than we would have been otherwise? I think it will only work if you will also post your responses to what I am sharing, so I hope you will. Some of you already know and love each other; others are strangers to everyone but me. Either way, I hope we can all meet here from time to time and share experiences, thoughts, books, an occasional photo . . . we'll just see what happens.

OK, so this is apparently the part of the process where I feel this overwhelming need to have someone come over and read this and make sure it's "okay." I'm going to resist that urge and all the other urges I have to go back and re-read and edit and obsess about what I've written and I'm going to click the "publish" button . . . here goes!


KC said...

Yea! Rah! You! You are now officially in my Favorites list, your blog to be checked on my every other day blogging schedule. I hope you are right and somehow we can stay connected through words on a virtual page. I know we can with occasional visits and I keep telling myself that you're not lost, just a longer drive away. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I, too, hope we can stay connected this way. However, I'm a major lurker and hardly ever comment on blogs I read. The part of the post where you wanted someone to read it and see if it is ok is so you! That made me miss you more.