Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I promised pictures . . . here they are!

This is the outside--my office window is downstairs left.

This is the waiting room I share with my landlords, two Ph.D. LPCs:

These are client chairs with window in the background.
This is the bookshelf I found at Pier One--a little funky! The whole office only measures 8.5 x 9.5. So, as you walk in the door, the bookshelf is on the left hand wall, client chairs are right in front of you, and my chair is on your right.

This is my chair:

So, when do you think it will feel like home?
(I made my rent for December! That's all, but still . . . it's a start!)


Matthew said...

I love it! Very warm, comfy -- not at all clinical. (So if you were going for the cold, institutional feel, you're way off!) ;)

Maybe it could use a live plant...something to ask Santa for...

Electric Monk said...

Wow, that place is cool. If you were my counselor, I would totally come in, curl up in one of those chairs, and take a nap.

T said...

I've always said I was going to invent "nap therapy" and go on Oprah and get famous. You would come into my office and lay down on a comfy futon . . . I would read you a story and tuck you in and then come back and wake you up in about an hour. You'd leave feeling WONDERFUL (unlike therapy, when we have to remind clients "you may feel worse before you feel better.") People would look FORWARD to coming to nap therapy and they would feel like it was worth every penny!

KC said...

I like it! Can't wait to catch up with you again very soon. Off on a cruise today . . . (isn't it cool how I stuck that in so easily?)

Sue said...

Thanks for the pictures!!