Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another update

The trip to the BGCT Ministry Wives' retreat turned out fine although I desperately missed my friend FrostyRogers, who was sick. Tomorrow I leave for the LeadersEdge reunion at Trinity Pines. Have you noticed that I've made the rounds of Baptist encampments--three in 13 days!

Another quick note: If you'd like to read a recent interview, check out Scroll down to Feb 8 and Feb 15 for a brief interview with Brett and Kellie. I've hesitated to give you the link because I want to make a disclaimer about what I said about marriage and the community. I was responding to some new and exciting research but I didn't go far enough to make the obvious caveat that many, many single people contribute mightily to families and to the community. So sorry for the Beaver Cleaver assumptions that show up in that paragraph. Otherwise, though, it was a fun interview to do and got me thinking about lots of stuff. And I love Brett and Kellie's ministry and would love for you to be aware of it.

Last night, when I wasn't wide awake, I was dreaming . . . the frequent "calendar chaos" dreams that I have, where I've forgotten something on my calendar or I've double-booked or I'm not where I'm supposed to be at a given time. I also had another dream that is becoming recurrent. In the dream, I find a room or even a whole wing in my house that I never knew was there, even though I'm aware that I've lived in the house for a long time.

For women, houses are supposed to represent the totality of our lives--identity, really. So the dream is interesting . . . wonder what is about to open up that I'm not aware of? (In the real dream, it was a large utility room with a commercial stove/oven and a smoker! Not sure that has any significance!)

Anyway, opportunities continue to open up--more about that soon!

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Electric Monk said...

Wow, your dreams are way cooler than mine. I'm 32 and I STILL have the going-to-work-in-my-underwear one.