Monday, July 28, 2008

Mission Trip news

C and Boo left yesterday for the Valley--MBC is doing a mission trip in a colonia near McAllen. It started as your ordinary border mission--some building/remodeling projects and VBS--but has turned into much more. After Dolly blew through, they were asked to help with roofing and other repairs and they are helping at a Red Cross shelter. On Wednesday night, they will give a block party at a local park for the 100+ people who will come and get food. Not everyone has power and it is muddy and there is still standing water but C says that the destruction is not widespread.
Yesterday, they added three hours to the expected time for travel due to two blowouts on the trailer and an accident on I35 but C says that everyone was safe and in good spirits and that today was "the perfect day." As college minister, he was able to take students on one and sometimes two mission trips a year for 8 years but as pastor of our former church, he never got to go on even one because the church required that one staff member be in town at all times and the associate pastor and the youth minister were always the logical choices for mission trips. He thoroughly enjoys getting to be part of front-line ministry as well as equipping the members of our own team and helping them process their experience.
He says that Boo is having a great time as well. She'll be doing VBS Tuesday through Friday and the block party on Wednesday. You know she'll fall in love with all the little kids she meets. I'm so glad she has this opportunity.
Everyone will be back home on Friday evening since the trip to Padre Island was cancelled due to the whole island being closed to tourists. Keep them in your prayers.

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Electric Monk said...

Honestly, I can't think of many things that sound much more fun than going to a block party hosted by C!