Thursday, April 23, 2009

The latest update

It's Faithwalking time again! I'm headed to Houston in just a few minutes to be ready to start with a new Faithwalking group at 8:00 tomorrow morning. This is always such a special weekend and I always come back changed. On Wednesday, I leave for Michigan to spend time with the Reformed pastors there and their leadership teams--about 125 people in all. You may remember that we were last with them in February here in Texas.

If I've counted right, by April 30, I will have traveled somewhere for speaking/consulting 7 times since the beginning of the year. That's definitely a busier travel schedule than I'm used to but it pretty much comes to a screeching halt on May 1. I have one or two things this summer and one or two in the fall.

An unfortunate byproduct of my travel schedule is that I stopped "shaking the bushes" for new clients after the first of the year. In addition, the clients I had are doing better and therefore coming to sessions less frequently. As a result, my counseling schedule has tapered off quite a bit. May has to be all about getting clients and generating name-recognition. If you have ideas, please share them!

C continues to love his ministry at the church and the good people we serve here. We are team-preaching right now--we preached together last week, he's on his own this week, we'll team up again next week and then I'll be on my own the week after that. We really enjoy working together this way and the feedback we get is terrific.

Also, the vision team for the young adult ministry I lead is coming together in a really exciting way and I'm excited to see what God is about to do in that arena. The challenge is not letting more urgent things distract me from patient leadership with these young adults.

Boo is doing great as well. She's overwhelmed with homework right now but that should taper off soon. She still loves dance and will be in three dances in the spring recital. I just talked to Mowgli last night and he is working really, really hard to wrap things up for the semester and will be home in less than two weeks! He'll work at HEB and go to summer school.

So, that's about it--just realized there is a lot going on and I hadn't updated you in awhile.


Electric Monk said...

I miss the team sermons SO MUCH!

pmcd said...

I think you meant "speaking" or "teaching" instead of "Preaching". :-)