Monday, April 13, 2009


I believe in mindfulness and learn about it. I teach it. I try to practice it. I truly believe that it is one important answer to most of our human problems.

Well, let me just say that there is nothing like finding a rattlesnake in the garage--which is part of the house!--to make a person mindful! I was the last to snap to the fact that the sound we were hearing was actually a rattlesnake. I was distracted, looking for something, on a mission to accomplish something like I usually am. So I heard it but didn't even look, didn't even notice.

Needless to say, now I am mindful. I watch where I step. I listen. I pay attention. I am more fully aware.

If only I could learn to be this mindful looking for God . . .


pb said...

If this story doesn't encourage mindful living, nothing will! By the way, I will no longer be picking you up for any reason at your house - you will have to meet me on the corner!!!

HappyGirl said...

You are now very mindfull of your step-and mind-and I am now very mindfuly that your mindfull because I'm still in exile from the grage....hee hee