Monday, January 18, 2010

Sometimes I just can't believe my ears

I was driving to work this morning listening to a popular, local radio show when a caller said (no kidding), "Those people in Haiti need to quit running around with their hands in the air, crying "Help us! Help us! (mocking voice)" and they need to bust their butts helping themselves." The conservative host agreed while the mostly impotent moderate host protested.

Later, trying to find something other than that station, I was scanning when the radio stopped on a national program just as the host was asking whether Muslim defendants in U.S. trials would swear to tell the truth on "the American Bible or the Koran." The "American Bible?" Sheesh . . . the willful ignorance in this country astounds me.


Anonymous said...

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Janet said...

I heard the same radio comment about the people in Haiti with their hands in the air... and didn't even hear the responses because I flipped the dial so quickly. I feel so sad for the gentleman who, as BBT says, has likely never dared to become a stranger. He seems to be missing so very much of such a grand and glorious God.

Electric Monk said...

Wait, so there's a NON American Bible?