Sunday, May 16, 2010

Look at my new toy!

I have a new iPhone! I've been drooling over them since they came out but decided not to get one and then turned off my "wanter." (Does anyone else ever do that besides me? Decide not to want something you want if you're not going to get it?)
Anyway, I got paid more for something than I expected and decided to spend it on an iPhone. Can I just say . . . this is so fun!
It's not that I didn't like my Blackberry but one, it wasn't connected to the internet (as C says, that is so embarrassing) and two, it was all about functional and none about fun.
I'm still trying to figure this out, so if you have ideas, let me know--apps, shortcuts, things you wish you had known sooner, etc.
We went to see The Eggmen last night at South Park Meadows and if I had remembered my phone, I could have taken a picture and posted it here, all while sitting on the side of the hill watching the concert. But I forgot my phone, so sorry, no pics. It was fun, though. One of the things that has gone along with being married to C is that I have seen Paul McCartney twice and Ringo Starr once and I know all the words to the old songs and can recognize and sing along with most of the new ones. (The White Album and Revolver, not so much.)

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Em said...

my dad knows all about the fun and the functional of the iphone and i'm sure he'd love to tell you all about it :)