Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tea parties

I'm actually not opposed to the tea party movement even though I sometimes get really frustrated with their antics. I actually share a lot of their concerns about our country's fiscal situation, if not their anger and their obsession with President Obama. I've also been fascinated by the media's fixation with them--as though southerners and conservatives and religious people are some kind of grass-roots side show.

But here's something I've wondered from the beginning: what if the scenario were just slightly different and the tea party crowds demanding "Take back America!" were 90% black instead of 90% white? If it were black people converging on town squares carrying signs demanding revolution, if it were brown faces cheering while their speakers encouraged the overthrow of Congress, if it were an African-American politician who challenged her followers, "Don't retreat--reload!"--how would the story be different?


Electric Monk said...

Interesting point. I think the Tea Partiers want to avoid any allegations of racist tendency, and rightfully so. However, it's really hard to avoid that accusation when 90% of your membership is white (and only 2% black) and you're speaking so specifically against the first black President. Regardless of what they SAY their message is, it's hard to not read something into those kinds of statistics. And, of course, if there were a "grassroots" group of voters who were 90% black speaking this way, I'm sure the discussion would be very different.

T said...

Right, I'm not saying that the Tea Partiers are racist--I'm just saying that I think the scenario I presented would be a completely different story--and that tells us something about ourselves.

Sick of the Sanctimonious said...

Not sure it would matter. I mean, black people are American citizens, are they not? They have every right to protest.

I've read blogs and forums alike that spewed hate towards the previous administration, and not one person made an issue out of what color their skin was (most Bush admin haters are white, you know.)

Must every person who speaks "so specifically" against President Obama be called-out as racist?

Some of the most narrow-minded people I know are Christian liberals.

ono said...

Electric Monk said; "...if there were a "grassroots" group of voters who were 90% black speaking this way, i'm sure the discussion would be very different."

They have been speaking this way for several decades.

I'm opposed to either potential "mob" mentality, black or white. Just thought i'd add a little perspective here.

Does Acorn ring any bells! And that's to mention only one group.

ono said...

Hey Trish, thanks for commenting about my comment. lol

There is no need to wonder. We have plenty of history to look at.

Unfortunately, the only thing we seem to learn from history, is that we learn nothing at all.