Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hangin' out with the Quakers

Here are just a few more photos from the last few days. This is The Hut--the small building used for campus ministry at Guilford College. I think I remember hearing that it's the oldest building on campus (mid-nineteenth century) and it's essentially a large room with sofas and old chairs and a rag rug and a big, woodburning fireplace. Students gather there and drink coffee and think deep thoughts and then discuss them. I was there for 25 minutes of silent Quaker worship, led a discussion on dating and marriage with about a dozen students, and attended a class on Quaker theology, contributing when the teacher asked me to.
This is a picture of another on-campus space for campus worship. You can see the simplicity of Quaker spaces--the pews are all hard and the walls are bare. I preached here on Sunday and attended a Taize service last night.
One of the things Mowgli loves best about this school is its outdoor space. I walked and talked with one of the students and this is where we went. It's a small lake a short walk away from campus (owned by the college) surrounded by woods. I don't know if you can tell, but parts of the lake are covered in ice. There are Canadian geese everywhere. Apparently they are nuisances but they're truly beautiful birds.
This morning, I slept til I woke up, worked for awhile, and will meet Mowgli in a few minutes to eat lunch, buy a few groceries (that's what moms do!) and head to the airport. It's been a good trip.


Janet said...

pure delight... o taste and see that God is good.

Jim said...

What a beautiful place. All that beauty must have made it easier to find your center.