Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Tax Day

I'm celebrating Tax Day today (Friday was a holiday in DC, in case you weren't paying attention.) I'm celebrating roads and hospitals and law enforcement and libraries. I'm celebrating being part of a nation that builds safety nets for the elderly and the disabled and the poor. I'm celebrating clean air and clean water and safe food. I'm celebrating that we value educating all our children and not just those whose parents can and will pay. Even though I'm sometimes uneasy, today I'm celebrating our national defense and the security we have at home and abroad. I'm also celebrating earthquake relief in Haiti and mosquito netting in Africa. I'm celebrating space flight and energy programs and national parks.

You've heard that government is the word we use for the things we decide to do together. I think it's worth celebrating one day a year.

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Kris Beavers-who is Sew Not a Girly Girl said...

i applaud tax day - applaud the priviledge of being an American; it's not a perfect life, but everytime i listen to NPR it sounds like i still have more opportunity than most. In another country a single woman with children to support would not have nearly so many selections for making a living.... yep - taxes are not fun, but cheers to paying mine and living a celebration life every day (both the happy and the sad ones alike)