Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 8

It's the middle of the fall and here's the latest for our family:

First of all, C and I are thoroughly enjoying the empty nest!  (Sorry, Boo and Mowgli!)  We're both doing really good work--energizing and lifegiving--and when we're not working, we're hanging out together and enjoying our quiet house and our freedom to come and go as we please.  I've been out of town for six weeks straight and still have four more trips to go, and then a long respite from travel until the new year.  C gets a little lonely but he has the cat to keep him company . . . okay, that's not exactly how it works.

Boo is settled in at college and loves it there.  Her favorite class is Old Testament, mainly because of the teacher.  She's active in the Baptist Student Ministry and is working with children and with a theater troupe and will be a DiscipleNow leader for youth groups in the spring.  She is working a lot, playing a lot, and serving a lot.  We're so proud of her courage and hard work.

Mowgli is still on schedule to graduate in December.  We were planning a big trip out to NC for graduation and to bring his stuff home but we just found out that his school doesn't have a December commencement, so it all feels pretty anticlimactic at this point.  What are his plans, you ask?  Well, he'll let us know when he knows.  Right now, he's waiting to hear back from grad schools and teacher certification programs and then he'll have some decisions to make.  I predict some combination of work and travel until then.

Our extended families are doing well and we see them as often as we can.  The pace is dizzying right now but it's all good . . . I think all four of us feel incredibly blessed to be where we are.  That's an incredible gift.