Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 13, catching up

This is the stack of books that sits on my desk waiting to be read.  Sometimes it puts on the Bambi eyes, trying to make me pay attention to it.  More often, it mocks me, reminding me how long it has been since some of these books were bought impulsively and then never even picked up.  Since some of the books are gifts from dear friends, it is often guilt-inducing.

A while ago, I made a deal with myself that I would give away ten books from my shelves and read ten books from my stack before I would let myself buy any new books.  (As I look at this stack, I realize that ten doesn't even really make a dent, but I'm in denial about that.)  Meanwhile, my amazon wish list has 419 items on it, most of them more books.  I've read 7 so far, with 3 to go.

Today, as I was feeling overwhelmed by this, I decided to go at it Dave Ramsey-style, reading from smallest to largest.  As I look at the stack, though, I notice that The Prophetic Imagination by Brueggeman is the thinnest book in the stack but it's also one of the densest, with really small print.  Maybe I'll watch a movie instead.


Electric Monk said...

My best estimate is that I add three books to my to-read list for every one I actually read. Right now I have about 12 on my nightstand (which I will probably never get to since I read exclusively on my Kindle) and 25 waiting on my Kindle. At my current reading pace, that would probably take me about two years.

Lisa writes... said...

Your stack looks a lot like my stack and, still, I can't find the motivation to read any of them! What's wrong with me?!!?? :)

Electric Monk said...

I will add that your stack is a lot smarter than my stack.

Trisha said...

Lisa, some of the books on my stack were recommended by you!