Friday, March 9, 2012

Catching up

C was watching an old episode of Seinfeld tonight, in which George and Jerry were discussing the option of going to therapy "once a week for $80 a session."  Um . . . exactly 20 years later, I'm doing therapy for--yep, you guessed it--$80 a session (unless I adjust the fee based on income and then it's less.)  I'm not sure how to feel about that.   Last year, I discovered that my clients were paying their tattoo artist more than they were paying me, but then I realized that I get more than one chance at success, whereas the tattoo artist doesn't, so maybe I'm glad not to have the pressure.

On another note, to catch you up on things around our house . . . Boo is home for spring break and we're planning to rest some, eat some, shop some, and clean some.  Sounds like a great week!  (I still have to go to work, but always have a lighter schedule when school is out.)

Mowgli is in NC hanging out with friends, climbing and hiking and seeing old classmates.  We hope to have his diploma framed for him by the time he gets home.  He will also hear back this month from the four grad schools he applied to so there's a little extra suspense there.  He's been working every chance he gets so we're glad he's getting a little fun time away.

I ended up choosing two daily disciplines for Lent:  something to give up (snacking) and something to take on (reading.)  In both cases, I tend to graze rather than stopping to think about what I'm doing and nourishing myself wisely.  So far, it's been very fruitful.

I'm still working toward the 5K, although I've modified my expectations.  (If you don't know me on Facebook, I was pretty discouraged when I discovered that my months of running on a treadmill at the gym did not yield the same results when I started running on the road.)  I did go get fitted for running shoes (as several of you suggested) and it was completely awful and humiliating but I now have very supportive running shoes, so we'll see if that helps.

I left this morning at 6:45 a.m. to get to Houston in time for a meeting and got home at 6:00 p.m.  I've either driven or flown somewhere out of town every week for ten straight weeks and that may be getting a little old.  On the flip side, though, I'm getting wonderful opportunities to do exciting work with the most amazing people so it is ALL good.  All of it.  I'm blessed by my family and my church and my work when I'm at home and I'm blessed by my friends and my colleagues and my work when I'm gone.  I'm doubly, triply, quadruply blessed.  And kind of tired of my car.

C has been sick but he's recovering now.  Baylor beat Kansas tonight so he is walking on air and March Madness is in the air so he will be in heaven for a few weeks.  He's also really enjoying his preaching series and the new BLESS team at church and celebrating his 5th anniversary here and so life is good for him too.

So . . . how are things with you?

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Julie said...

Seinfeld lives in New York so may be the $80 an hour then is probably $160 now! Paying my therapist $75 an hour and paying $75 for my tattoo, is probably fair. Sometimes the pain is the same but the finished product is beautiful.