Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thoughts about recent events

I know better than to get upset by the rantings of a bully and so that's not what upset me.  What hurt--and I use that word purposefully--was watching so many decent people defend him and his vileness, whether out of agreement or self-interest, I don't know.  Knowing that this kind of thinking is acceptable for at least 15 million people in this country makes me feel vulnerable and afraid.  Knowing that at least 8 companies were willing to say differently makes me feel a little better.

Let me be clear:  this is not about disagreement between people about legitimate issues.  What is at stake here is addressing disagreement or differences with women by seeking to humiliate or degrade them sexually.  It was wrong when Ed Shultz did it last year by calling Laura Ingraham a slut.  It was wrong last week when another "entertainer" did it on the radio and then added so much more vile commentary. It is wrong when it happens to Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin and it is wrong when it happens to Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.  It is wrong when it happens in families as domestic violence. It is wrong when soldiers and militias do it as they systematically rape women and girls in Africa and other war zones.  It's wrong when it shows up in its mildest form and it's wrong when it shows up in its most tragic.  What disturbs and scares me is that we apparently don't have agreement on that.


Electric Monk said...

What disgusts me is the defense - that I've read in multiple forums - that what he did is no worse than what others on the opposite end of spectrum have done. As you said, these comments are vile no matter whom they're directed against, and to claim that they're somehow made less vile because someone else made similar comments is reprehensible.

I can only think that Rush is not a fool, and that this was somehow a calculated move on his part to raise awareness. As we know, even bad publicity is good publicity. All that matters, and all that he cares about, is that he's being discussed.

Julie said...

I appreciate you speaking up and out. Very well said.

GSmith113 said...

Thank you for speaking to this. Your final sentence is loud.