Monday, August 6, 2007

Big question . . . no answer (yet)

Friday, I found myself chatting with a very nice man who runs a cityreaching ministry here in Austin. I wasn't job hunting exactly, just trying to get the lay of the land in terms of Austin and ministry to and with the church in the city. We'd talked about a lot of things--Katrina and its impact on Austin, maintaining good relationships with city officials, the more prominent African-American congregations in the city, etc.--when he looks at me with a fairly intense expression and says, "So, apart from your husband's job, why did God bring you to Austin?"

I stammered some lame but acceptable answer and we continued the conversation, but geez louise, I guess that's what it all comes down to, doesn't it? It's not just about finding a job but finding my whole calling here (which, of course, we already knew but still . . . ) You know, I've learned through the last three moves that when God moves C, he doesn't forget about me and this time I was able to skip right through all the self-pity and doubt and get straight to a pretty enthusiastic and expectant faith.

But I still have to find the answer to this question and it's reverberating in my head, even in my dreams . . . So why did God bring me to Austin?

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Woman In Love said...

Hi Trish. I don't know why God blessed Austin with you, my mind can't hold that many permutations all at once :-) Maybe in part, though, to repudiate craziness such as the new homemaking courses at SW Bapt. My first rant is at: