Saturday, August 25, 2007

I guess we can unpack now . . .

Well, it looks like we'll be staying. Last night, C came home from work and said, "I've had a hard day and I just want Mexican food." (BTW, he's been doing really, really well on his heart-healthy diet lately.) So we went to a little place in a little house in the little town south of here and it was wonderful. Small portions so you don't feel stuffed or guilty, fresh ingredients, a little bit of a unique flavor and great prices. When we finished, C said, "We finally have a place for Mexican food. Now I can feel settled."

Actually, I have been wondering how long it will be until this feels like home. I feel as if we're where we're supposed to be and there is a certain amount of "home" in that knowledge but at the same time, I'm always looking for things ("Where's the Pier One?" "What street is this?" "Why can't I find anything in this dumb grocery store?") and everything takes a little more thought and effort than it did when everything was familiar. The adventurous feeling is fun--it doesn't take much to make me feel adventurous--so I'm not complaining. Just wondering.

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