Thursday, October 18, 2007


Does anyone know anyone who can do a very basic (and I do mean basic) and affordable website for me? What I want is so simple that it can be done with a template, I'm sure, and I don't want to spend a ton of money. If you know someone that would be a good fit, please email me and let me know. Thanks!


Rob said...


Here are several alternatives for you to consider...

1. With a Google ID (maybe your Blogger ID?) you can get 100MB of free web space at Your URL would be They have a number of templates you can choose from. Here's an example: TXHawkins. The templates are fairly limited in what you can do with them, but they're pretty easy to work with. There's a WYSIWYG editor online.

2. Your Internet provider may give you free web space as part of your service. This would allow you to put up a simple site with a URL like "" or something similar. Here's an example: Texas Hawkins.

3. You can pay a hosting company for your own web space. In that case you get to pick (and pay for) your own URL. The total cost will be under $100/year for both. This gives you a lot more flexibility in what you do. Depending on the web hosting company, you can also use templates for most of the site. You can also put together a simple site yourself with a bit of HTML. Here are examples: Joan Spitz and Orchars Lakes (newer ideas). Contact the webmaster at that site (me!) for more help with putting together a site like this.

4. You can pay a web site developer to put the site together and host it for you. I expect this will set you back $100-$100 for each page you want on your site plus some annual fee. Those are wild guesses on my part as I have no experience in working with these companies.

I'd be happy to help out with getting you started. You can reach me through any of the web site examples above.

Good luck!

Rob said...

I hate when I press "Publish" instead of "Preview"! That should read "Orchard Lakes" instead of what's there. Oh, well.

T said...

Thanks, Rob--that's really helpful. It's fun to know that you come by from time to time--

janet said...

My son did mine and I paid him $1000 for working with me closely on design and maintanence for a year. The other fees involved were for the hosting for a year and domain names for three years, totalling $300 or so. I don't know how those fees compare with the market... he but he needed money! and did a great job!

Ryan said...

Em told me about this post and wow, how soon we forget. Could have at least emailed and asked. After how much you have helped me how could I not offer to help you. My services are free to you as always. You pay for the costs associated with a small host (usually about 10 bucks a month) and I'll set you up. I mean after all, I DO make my living doing this... *cough* *cough*

Hope you are well. ;)