Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Homeowners again

We are homeowners again! Although we closed on the house yesterday, the sellers won't move out until Saturday sometime, so we're still in the apartment, but still . . . we have a house! I'll have a week to paint, clean, obsess, etc. until June 16, when we will actually move. Then, serious "nesting" will begin! I'll try to post photos when I learn how to do that.

I have to admit--the comment about obsessing isn't a joke. I'm completely overtaken by thoughts about the house and anytime I'm not thinking about something else, that's what I'm thinking about. As KC has observed, "place" seems to be very important to me.

But even while I'm obsessed with "nesting," other stirrings seem to be returning. I had lunch yesterday with two of our staff at MBC and they were talking about mental health issues and the need for good therapists and the impact of such people on their own lives and I could feel the old enthusiasm bubbling up, feeling ready to get back in the game, even if it is a new game in a new city. I didn't expect to feel that so soon, so there was reassurance there.

In the meantime, though, I'm more interested in paint colors and furniture placement!


KC said...

You must also send your new address. I'm hoping that your old place will still receive the mail UBA sent that way today!!!!!

T said...

A handy-dandy change of address card will go out next week, along with an invitation to come visit! And yes, all the mail is being forwarded--except for Craig's bp meds--we don't know where they went!

MJ said...

Eric would advise you to stick with neutrals and subtle colors. (Smiling) Glad to read all the good news!

T said...

Eric would be right! That's one thing I'll do different in this house--rich neutrals everywhere. But I want to avoid "builders beige," you know?

MJ said...

one trick I was given to use at my office: pick a very light color you like, and then paint one adjacent wall just one or two shades darker (on the paint strip) to create some subtle depth. Also, buy a little pint of each color to try it out (in a large patch) on the wall to make sure you like it. It's worth the extra $ to make sure.

Sorry... didn't mean to turn this into HGTV. I'm very excited for your fresh start!