Monday, June 25, 2007

Small miracles

Saturday night, I sat in a candlelit banquet room and watched small miracles emerge like stars popping out of a late evening sky:
  • My little sister, radiant and beautiful, and her tall and handsome groom, still glowing from the outdoor wedding just minutes before
  • My Baptist deacon father and my prefers-the-background mother dancing the first dance with the happy couple, significant because both learned to dance for the occasion, for no other reason than love for their daughter
  • Boo, making her debut as a glamour-girl, dressed in a still-on-sale-after-prom dress that she chose herself--royal blue--and lots of bling and even some mascara and lip gloss--having a wonderful time being a girl
  • My brother, whose life was not-too-long-ago sad and unstable, dancing to SuperFreak with his teenaged daughter (whose own life has gained stability since going to live with her dad--there's a miracle right there)--both of them looking happy and content
  • My other brother announcing that he has a new job as superintendent of the construction of a large apartment complex--go figure!
  • My uncle and his two college-aged daughters, their relationship recently ravaged by a wrenching divorce, dancing with abandon, enjoying every minute. My fifty-something uncle even break-danced for their benefit (I guess you never outgrow embarrassing your kids!)
  • My other uncle, having lost a teenaged son and his vivacious wife of almost 30 years, also on the dance floor in the arms of his new wife beaming up at him, both of them obviously happy despite multiple recent (and serious) health problems

Those of you who have prayed for my funny family (and some of you have for years)--thank you. The miracles of new beginnings, redemption, celebration, and love . . .


KC said...

Wow! But you failed to mention how beautifully your star added to this cosmos!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were able to sit back and recognize the miracles - I want to see a picture of Boo! What did the minister who performed the wedding ceremony end up wearing?

T said...

I need to learn to post photos to this thing! Is it hard? The minister ended up wearing a black skirt and blue silk top that she already had--and looked pretty good, actually! (This is after buying a new dress, however, which she intends to keep!)