Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Good news, everyone--No philosophical musings in this post; just an update on things on this end. We took possession of the house on Saturday, a day early. We walked through it that afternoon and let Mowgli and Boo pick out their rooms. They are so ready to have their own rooms again and doors they can close, they can hardly stand it!

Sunday, I went to evening services and C came over to sit by me. I leaned over and said, "How was deacon's meeting?" and he said, "Really, really great." That felt like a small miracle!

This week, I'm focusing on painting, cleaning, buying all the miscellaneous stuff you have to buy for a new house (ie., our kitchen trash can doesn't fit under the sink here), even buying some really fun stuff (like a new TV!)

Saturday is moving day and I think almost all of the church will be on hand for the move, either bringing food or helping to move or driving the trucks or just coming out of curiosity. It's wonderful to have so much help.

So . . . that's the latest here. What's new with you?

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