Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our end-of-week ritual is to watch Studio 60 together and, during the commercials, talk about what a funny, smart show it is, how much we like the characters, etc. Until we learned that it is being cancelled. Now we watch it together every week but during the commercials, we kvetch about what a stupid country this is, full of stupid people, who can't keep a funny, smart show like Studio 60 on the air for even one season.

To add insult to injury, at every commercial break, they advertise its replacement: a reality show called "Age of Love" in which a 30something hottie dates women in their 20s and their 40s and makes observations about the differences between younger and "older" women. At the end of the season, he will choose one of them to be his "lady"--and we all know that he'll narrow down the field to one young woman and one "mature" woman (who doesn't look like any of us look at her age)--and then he'll pick the young chick and talk about how hard it was to decide between them.

Meanwhile, Studio 60 isn't coming back and we are very, very, very sad.


Anonymous said...

Hi Trisha . . . how cool that you now have a blog. I just read all the entries and have added it to my "favorites" so that I can keep up with you, C, and your clan. Thanks for making this available to me.

writing_here said...

They bumped Studio 60 off Monday nights and I never did find out where it went. I agree that it is very sad that such a great show couldn't stay on the air. Tis bad enough that they are replacing it with something so lame as Age of Love.