Sunday, November 4, 2007

Please pray

You may remember my post about my elderly friend who answered her door in only gloves and slippers (a couple of you accused me of planting a mental picture you couldn't get rid of!) My friend called me Friday to tell me that she is in the medical center awaiting surgery to amputate her foot on Monday and to remove a breast on Wednesday--as she put it, "if I survive Monday." She was very frightened, particularly of being so alone.

I called her today to visit and reassure and she was almost unable to speak on the phone, able only to make unintelligible noises. It turns out she had a stroke last night. After some effort, I was able to understand some of her speech and her nurse told me that she understands everything that is said to her. I can only imagine how much more frightened and frustrated she is now. The surgery will still happen tomorrow.

I promise not to misuse this blog for prayer requests but since I introduced you to her, I'd like to follow up. Please pray especially for the supernatural comforting presence of God and for him to call out compassion in the nurses and health care workers she encounters. I am less concerned about her health problems and more concerned about her profound aloneness and her fear. Thanks so much--

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