Thursday, November 8, 2007

What I heard at BGCT:

"It is impossible to bear witness to your own cleverness and the Lord Jesus Christ at the same time." --quoted by Joel Gregory in his preaching workshop

"Where there is no vision, the people perish; where there are no people, the vision perishes." --Joel Gregory, commenting on the church growth movement

"When you pray for the peace of Israel, also pray for the peace of Palestine and for the peace of the Arab Christians." --David Coffey, president, Baptist World Alliance

"If you want God's blessing on your life, if you want God's blessing on your ministry, you have to care about what he cares about." --Rick Warren, in Monday night sermon

"But I loved the Japanese, so I ate them." --Rick Warren, proving that even the most gifted communicators don't always say exactly what they meant to say


Electric Monk said...

You know, I've never even really thought about what it's like to go to BGCT. I bet it's really weird.

T said...

When Scott went with us, he called it the "Baptist Geriatric Convention of Texas." Lots of white hair, lots of sermons, a LONG business meeting twice a day . . . I've always liked it in the past b/c we would go with friends and b/c we would learn a lot about what Texas Baptists were doing which is truly inspiring. But this year, it was kind of depressing--conflict in the air, morale is low, etc. Pray for healing and restoration. All this to say . . . yes, it's really weird.

Rob said...

I love the 2nd Rick Warren quote. I wonder if he said exactly what he meant to say but that you're "proof-texting" us! :-)

Makes me think about how many times I pull a single snippet of scripture out to make some point or other.

Also makes me wonder how often I make unintentionally nonsensical comments like that one. (I have a pretty high percentage of nonsense anyway, so I must do it pretty often.)

Electric Monk said...

Yeah, I usually don't understand what comes out of rob's mouth, but I thought it was because he was way smarter than me.