Sunday, August 31, 2008


So now all the people who were trying to convince us that Barack Obama isn't experienced enough to be president (a fair criticism) are insisting without a hint of irony that Sarah Palin is. It reminds me of Clinton's critics who were shrieking about how a politician's immorality made him unfit to hold public office until Newt Gingrich got caught with his pants down and then, nary a peep, except the occasional half-apologetic use of the word "unfortunate."

(I'm positive that the hypocrisy works the other way, but right this minute I can't think of an example.)


Rob said...

Hmm... How about John Edwards being dropped as a DNC speaker because of his admitted scandal involving an affair with a campaign videographer, but Bill Clinton being welcomed with open arms in the same venue?

There's lots of hypocrisy to go around on both sides of the fence. Unfortunately, I'm all too ready to see the speck of sawdust in your eye even if I have to look past the plank in my own.

T said...

Great example--and within the same party!

Robert said...

How about Rush, Sean et al. going crazy over Sarah P.'s selection as veep when a Dem candidate of her qualifications would have gotten ripped to shreds?

T said...

Yes, exactly!!

Scooter said...

I think it was a political move more than Hypocrisy on this one. Not that it is not going on on both sides. I wasn't so sure about Palin either, but if you think about it, it has brought them a bunch of attention. It also makes people compare a number 2 person with the dems number 1 person. I didn't realize how smart it was until I saw the news bias interview and they were trying to compare Palin with the vice president pick and just skipping around the Obama thing. Timing is everthing, I am not so sure that they didn't bring alot to the surface because of this.

I just hate it for everyone who will get hurt in all of this. I heard one anchor talk about how they need to scrutinze her - and even have attacked her child - but I think if that is the case then they should do it on all the canidates and not just her.

It is always easy to find the ideals of the big people like the president. I just wish it was easier to find where the little guys stand - which is been hard for me. I know that there is the "free market" report but that only goes so far, and in many cases you cannot find out where they stand on issues because they won't say.

I am not really sure where to go with this election.

T said...

Absolutely, it's a political move on the part of the politicians. I'm thinking more in terms of those of us who evaluate the politicians--who frame everything through our own biases (and the media aren't the only ones who do that!)