Thursday, August 7, 2008

Small consolation

Several years ago, I heard the story of Christians in Asia who were tortured for their faith. I especially remember the story of pastors who were confined in coffin-like boxes, with little to no room to move. I was horrified and have even had nightmares about that since. Imagine my horror then, to learn that my government uses this particular technique on Iraqi and Afghan prisioners (and possibly those at Guantanamo, as well). The only consolation is knowing that no matter who wins the November election, America will no longer be in the business of torture.


Scooter said...

I am guessing this was a few years ago when Voice of the Martyrs came to the church. It saddens me that one person can do this to another. The only problem is that whoever comes in office - doesn't necessarily mean that it will stop, unfortunately. We can only hope and pray and see what God will do next. - Talk to you later

T said...

Individuals will always do horrific things to each other, unfortunately. I'm referring to my government not only sanctioning torture but ordering it--in my name. Both candidates have promised--sincerely, I believe--to end government-sanctioned torture immediately. We should hope and pray--but we should also pay attention and let our government know (loudly) that this is not who Americans are--or at least not who we want to be.