Saturday, August 2, 2008

Everyone is back where they belong! C and Boo got back late last night from their mission trip to the border. In C's words, "it was a perfect trip." They did VBS for about 30 children, completely renovated and repaired a home belonging to a single mother and her children, bought her a refrigerator and food to go in it, helped serve food for relief groups, and I'm not sure what all else. C has pictures of standing water left over from the flooding and says the bugs are terrible. Surprisingly, except for Boo and the staff, none of the team had ever been on a mission trip before (actually, the construction supervisor had been to the border 20 years ago) and they were deeply touched and challenged. And, of course, C is so good at helping them process their experience with Scripture and questions. Boo took more than 600 pictures. Here are two.

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Electric Monk said...

Shouldn't C be holding a can of Spam? Isn't that, like, his trademark or something?