Monday, February 2, 2009

Two experiments

I'm trying something new. When it comes to speaking or preaching, I have always stayed very closely tethered to a manuscript and to what I've memorized. I tend to work on the language I want and then try to get pretty close to word-for-word. I'm aware, though, that the best work I do is as a teacher, when I almost always go by an outline rather than a manuscript.

So . . . for this week with the pastors from Michigan, I'm not taking a manuscript. I've thought through everything--nothing is new to me, so I'm familiar with everything I'll be saying--and I'm going to try teaching extemporaneously. I'm trying to remember that I know this stuff--I've done it in one form or another for years and there is no reason not to be confident, even without my training wheels.

I'll tell you about the second experiment when I get back.

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