Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boy, I wish I had had a camera!

JTH and a friend MD and I finished up the latest retreat for the Michigan folks and were hanging out in the lobby of a Country Inn and Suites waiting for a taxi to take us to the airport. We enjoyed the quiet, the free wi-fi and the coffee for awhile, getting more anxious when the taxi didn't come.

When they finally confirmed that they weren't coming in time and JTH's efforts to get another one didn't go anywhere, we were all starting to vibrate quite a bit. After all, we were in Kalamazoo and missing our flight meant staying overnight and trying again on a Sunday. I said, a little loudly, that I would pay fifty bucks to anyone who would take us to the airport. The woman behind the counter (we later learned that her name was Nancy) said, "I'll do it!" She put up a sign that read "Be right back" and ran out to her car to get it ready for us while we all pooled our cash.

Let's just say that both Nancy and her car had apparently had hard lives, and the car was tiny. I sat in the front seat with my suitcase, my laptop, my purse and a large pizza (not mine) on my lap. Poor MD is tall and had to squish himself into the backseat along with his suitcase and JTH was behind Nancy with all his stuff on his lap too. Then Nancy said, "I'm not sure where the airport is." Excuse me?

JTH, fortunately, had been paying attention and got us there in time for our flight and we all got home safely. I was laughing and saying that it was fun, that it was an adventure and JTH correctly pointed out that if that was an adventure, we lived a pretty boring life. It was still fun, though!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Fun reading this tonight, remembering the experience, and laughing out loud. It's fun getting to hang with you from time to time.