Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent again

"Overheard" on Facebook:

J: "I was born and raised Catholic but now I'm a practicing Baptist. Can I still participate in Lent?"
M: "If you are a practicing Baptist, you don't have anything to give up."

I laughed out loud! I wanted to reply to J (an acquaintance of mine): "Yes! Definitely participate in Lent! First of all, it is a Protestant observance too. Second of all, observing the church calendar has brought so much richness and depth into my spiritual life. I can't imagine coming up to Ash Wednesday without preparing for Lent."

Having said that, I still haven't resolved what my Lenten practice will be this year. Boo and I and a "practicing Baptist" friend (actually, I'd have to say, she's not practicing, she's perfected!) are going to St. Alban's here in Austin for Ash Wednesday services tonight. Boo requested a service with a female rector and it appears from the website that St. Alban's fills the bill.

But beyond that, I don't know . . .

You may remember that last year Boo and I drank only water for all of Lent--no tea, no lemonade, no milk or juice, and especially NO DR. PEPPERs! It was a really useful practice, part of a challenge to remember those who lack clean drinking water around the world, but I never was able to connect it to my spiritual life beyond the theoretical. I want something different this year, but I don't know what.



pb-'p'racticing 'b'aptist said...

Boy have I got you fooled.
I also had trouble deciding on a Lenten practice. I think I'm going to give up WNTW reruns at 11:00am (the only TV I watch on a semi- regular basis) and use that time for meditation on what I understand the issues of focus for Lent to be (this Christian calendar thing is relatively new to me). It will be interesting to see if this practice increases the joy I experience at Easter. Last year my spiritual joy was intermingled with my joy at being able to have a diet Coke again.

From your Sister said...

Just don't give up Dr Pepper's again! ;-)